Eddie Cook

Health and Wellness Consultant

Eddie Cook is the creator of Vibrant Life USA. He started his fitness journey over 40 years ago as a weak, injury-prone teenager eager to improve his life.

About Vibrant Life USA

Ed has created numerous unique training methods that transcend gender and time. He has taught vigorously effective fitness classes as a certified trainer and has transformed some into evergreen online courses. Working with the FDA and a certified lab, Ed perfected a unique combination of Turmeric, Full Collagen, and Flavored Essential Amino Acids into a true fountain of youth dietary supplement.

This website explores both the mainstream healthcare system as well as various alternative practices, by illustrating and demonstrating to help improve the lives of others.

About Eddie

Anti-Aging Consultant

Personal Trainer

Creator of Tasty Turmeric and Beet Root Superblend

Shoulder Healer

Videos and Courses, Elite Supplements

U.S.Army Veteran

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